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Originally Posted by BobSantos View Post
If you consider quotes irrelevant than there is very little I can do to help you understand my point of view.

Actually maybe there is. Prospal. It was reported that he had tremendous interpersonal difficulties with Tortorella in TB. But he, outside of the confines of working for the Garden, made the choice to play for Torts again. Why?

Your opinion isn't unbiased. It has a slant. Like mine. You chose not to look at the development side of the coin with the organization right now. You may have decided that making the playoffs is your metric for success. So - after a few years of not making the playoffs and the players not developing, I'd probably agree with your position. Not now, though. This ride has just started.

And a last point regarding player quotes: they don't have to be positive. They can be neutral, which is what they are if the player wants to keep playing and doesn't like the coach. When they're positive, it means something, especially when you see that great quote from Christensen, who gave a long, detailed explanation of the coach-player dynamic. That wasn't canned.

So, go back, find the stats. Look at the history. Read the "irrelevant" quotes. You may learn something besides your own personal opinion.

I think we've done this long enough, don't you? Cheers.

Once again you're only selecting certain points to respond to. Quotes ARE irrelevant because no player who is playing for the guy is going to say something bad. They want to play, not get into a pissing match with their coach. Prospal likes him? Great. I'm sure there's plenty more than one. That doesn't make his tenure with the Rangers good.

Don't you see how short sighted this is on your part?

Uhh duhh, like players said they liked him and stuff. He must be good coach.

What are you even trying to say about quotes being the bases of you legitimately making the point that he has been a good coach since he's been here? It's absurd.

My opinion IS unbiased. I know it because I have NOTHING against Tortorella. I don't even freakin' mind the guy. My entire opinion is based on his tenure here and his performance as a coach. Something I have no reason to be biased about.

You never answerd my question about Renney. If your basis for Torts being a good coach and reasoning for why you support him being here is that players have been quoted saying good things about him, then there is no reason Renney should have been fired.

Guaranteed more players enjoyed and spoke vocally about playing for Tom than Torts' bi-polar personality.

What exactly is your point? You're stating absolutely nothing and then acting like you're proving something.

Ohhh duhh like the players totally like TortZ! Ya know! That like, totally ya know makes him a good coach.

Like what are you even saying?

Please explain, I'm dying to hear this.

Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
I've been a Rangers fan since March 9th 2008, so yes I have about two years of experience as a fan of hockey. I've also watched professional sports all my life. Previously you were seemingly trying to belittle my views of the team because of that, which I didn't appreciate. I don't believe anyone's knowledge of a sport directly correlates with how long they've watched the sport. Whether you intended to or not, I felt disrespected before, which is why I called you a jerk. I apologize if you really didn't mean any harm.

I think we simply have very basic philosophical views on a team we both love. I think this team has a very bright future and feel it's completely realistic that we can win the cup within the next three to five years. You may not agree, which is fine. I don't know what you expect from the Rangers, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and see where exactly we conflict for the sake of argument.

If you interpret opposing viewpoints as belittling you, I can't do anything about that.

Questioning your knowledge of the subject you're talking about isn't disrespectful.

If I've been a mechanic for a week, and I'm working on your car, aren't you more inclined to question if I know what I'm talking about?

I have no problem with you being a new fan, but when you say things like...

"I'd say his biggest success so far has been his ability to whip, or even scare players into shape before the season. (There will be no Albert Haynesworths here! ) Other than that I think just his preference and insistence on seeing youth is a success in and of itself. Also he's very good at calling time outs and organizing a plan at a major point in the game. He's won us a couple games this way. All in all I like Tortorella, and I like how our future looks. I see Torts as the guy who leads us to our next cup, but I wouldn't expect that to happen any time soon. I'm talking like around the 2013'-2014' season, earliest."

It's hard to take you seriously. What are you basing any of this on? It's like some fantasy land.

Where did he whip players into shape? In what professional sport is scaring players a successful method of coaching?

HIS preference on seeing youth? This is an organizational philosophy at this point, that has been clearly defined for them due to their mishandling of the salary cap and the painfully obvious examples around the league that show you have to build from within.

It's also a very easy scape goat for coach who doesn't like to accept blame for his failures and is trying to keep his job as long as he can.

He's very good at calling time outs!!!!???? Seriously!!??? That can't be serious.

And you think Torts is going to lead us to a Stanley Cup but he's going to be allowed to coach here for ANOTHER 4 years after the season he just had before he does that?

Your statements just seem like things my sister would say if she watched 10 games a year with me.

I apologize if that offends you. It's one thing to be adamant in your disagreement with someone's opinion. It's another to read something and be like, what on earth is this person talking about?

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