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08-14-2010, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by KevinLin View Post
...Going to say it...Vick looked no better than Kolb. His mistakes were bigger and more glaring and went beyond the INT and Fumble. He definitely was bailed out a few times by Cooper and Buckley. If Vick is our QB our season is will be exciting but we will suck. Sure we might see some awesome runs, but we'd also see a ton of INTs and fumbles.
Just finished watching the game. Vick was better then Kolb, not by alot, but was better. He seemed more comfortable which is to be expected. Vick's passes, most of the time, were right on target. Kolb needs to learn to not stare at 1 receiver. The defense were reading him like a book on some plays. That being said, he was pretty accurate at times, while others he was lucky didnt get intercepted (see Avant reaching back and making sure it wasnt an INT).

I do see Kolb learning as times goes on. But one thing I DO disagree with you on is that, if Kolb went down, Vick would have a worse season. It will exactly be the same. Im not even a Vick supporter, but he has looked better this preseason. Like AH said earlier we need to prepare ourselves for all the INT and fumbles that will happen with Kolb. Its a learning process but its going to happen.

Hall had a good game and I was happy for him. I do hope he makes the team. Cooper had a solid game. Howard (the left offensive lineman) had a REALLY good game and just ate the DE's. Mallet was VERY good. Played solid for the 2nd team, and was a monster with the 3rd team. Kafka had a pretty solid game, acouple of his throws should have been caught but otherwise a good game. Jackson/Maclin looked good as always. Celek didnt look amazing but looked alright. A few of the passes should have been caught and they werent.

Overally, I was HIGHLY impressed with the defense this game. If they can play that well, it would greatly benefit us.

EDIT: Oh, did wanna say I hope Kolb doesnt get hurt. He is our starter and Im not against that.

EDIT2: And the OL did a very good job. I gotta say, they are what makes me nervous. They gave Kolb ample amount of time, which he was able to use.

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