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08-14-2010, 12:54 PM
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I would have no problem announcing him my pick to be the best of our prospects (B/t Artem, MDZ, MZA, grachev, Stepan, McD, Mcl) but really all of these guys are either exceeding expectations or have tremendous character and lkeadership or both so it seems almost impossible to predict one over the other. If you REALLY think about it Kreider and Grachev have done the least of out of our prospects but due to their youth and sample size their potential seems as high or higher than anyones. It's a unique situation for this organization that's for sure.

This article really gives you a feel for the fact that he is still just a kid and he's learning the game. They make it sound like hockey was almost just 1b to him with roller which means there might be a higher ceiling due to inexperience depending on how he picks up the game.

his work ethic is obviously outsstanding but word of caution we have to wait through this whole year and possib ly the next before annointing him anything. He needs to demonstrate he's picked up a lot otherwise I give him no chance to be an elite player. However he certainly can become a secondary scorer 30+ goal 50-60 pt guy perennially which i'd be ecstatic about.

I think this year is crucial I hope he displaces someone on the top 6 and scores all season to fight for the goal scoring lead in the nation. That's obviously very hefty expectation but if he's to be an elite guy like a lot of us hope he should pull it off. His D and assists need to go up too but by all reports both aspects of his game away from the puck improved drastically because of his work ethic and ability. Just like with grachev I hope to see him consistently playing top minutes and scoring throughout the season. And no injury.

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