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08-14-2010, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by dtrap View Post
This is a pretty good point. To use Canada as an example...and forgetting that I've been to a bunch of Canadien an American guy I would totally pick Toronto or Montreal without any prior knowledge. London or Kitchener, however, maybe not...

Go to Europe and I'll pick London or Paris no questions asked. Some other smaller, yet great cities...mabe not.

So Edge makes a pretty good point...I still think that the "oh we will get everyone" attitude that some New Yorkers have is short sighted. When you are taking international free agents its one thing...domestic ones...completely different...
I'm pretty sure anyone with half a brain would do a little bit of research into where they're possibly going to be living for at the least 4 years.

When I applied for colleges I didn't decide to just apply to colleges that were in places well known for being cool places to live. And that's a lot less permanent than signing a contract to go play a sport in a foreign country.

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