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10-02-2003, 06:18 PM
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However, I do feel you come into an argument with agitating Flyers fans as a goal.

No that's really not my goal. I suspect that because I've irritated so many people here that they believe it's my goal, and so they often read that where it's not intended.

Ultimately it doesn't matter. Ascribe to me any motives you like.

If believing that the Flyers had the odds stacked against them in regards to winning the Stanley Cup in their first year under Hitchcock, then yes they would be lower.

Right. You feel that the new coach and system stacked the odds against them, other feel those two factors didn't.

However for this season, I've made no prediction.

Now that would have the makings of a good thread: expectations for the upcoming season on the low side. Rather than ask what constitutes a successful 03-04 season, ask "what would make you call the upcoming season a completely worthless year?"

(And if you've not already noticed, I PM'd you on the rest of the stuff since we're wildly off topic.)

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