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08-14-2010, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
Obviously with what's going on recently a lot of people are debating whether the league should go after the contracts that were given to guys like Pronger, Hossa and Luongo too.

I'm thinking more along the lines of introducing penalties to teams that attempt to circumvent the cap hit. Here's my thought on what would be a fair and balanced penalty system. I'd appreciate any thoughts on it and am curious to see if anyone else can come up with their own set of penalties besides simply voiding the contract.

The league rules a contract attempts to circumvent the cap. Than apply the following rules and penalties.

1) The cap hit remains during the entire intended duration of the contract despite any retirement or defection to another league.

Example: Pronger may not play the last two years. if he retires before the contract is over make it so that the cap hit stays for the last two years. So if he retires with two years left Phil still has the 4.8 mil cap hit. In Kovie's case if he retired with 4 years left on his deal all 4 of those years a 6.8 cap hit would register for a Kovie.

2) A trade within the NHL will result in the new team taking the full cap hit and the old team retaining half the cap hit as a penalty.

Example: Trade Kovie with 4 years left and the Devs still have a 3.4 m cap hit penalty for a guy not on the team. The team that gets him still has the full cap hit.

3) The team can choose to renegotiate the contract and fix it.

Also add that the player CAN refuse an AHL assignment or something so the team has to keep him unless they can trade him.If say kovie is buried as a healthy scratch than obviously the team has a 6.8 m cap hit for a healthy scratch.
You can apply it retroactively to Luongo, Hossa, etc without attacking the cup victory and whatnot.
If only it was that easy.

None of those are satisfactory.

The best solution is simply to regulate how large a % a players salary can drop or rise from year to year of a contract

10% increments... 15%.... no more

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