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Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
i'm pretty sure it's been noted that easton's hockey dept. has been struggling as of late...especially with bauer taking a strong yearly chunk out of easton's stronghold on pro stick usage. it also doesn't help that their new top tier skate
(eq5) to be released this past year had to be cancelled(at least for worldwide distribution) due to manufacturing issues.
bauer, i believe it's been noted by many sources, has the highest budget in hockey.

you realize that hockey is not easton's top priority as a company right?
well before they got into hockey, they were THE name in aluminum baseball bats and baseball equipment...until louisville slugger came along.
also, they were manufacturing arrows before they ever got into hockey. they also make hiking and skiing equipment...also not to mention the fact that technically it's easton/bell sports, so they also make helmets and cycling equipment as well as a few other things i'm probably missing.
I do realize the other things they make, but if I am not mistaken, their hockey dept gets the most exposure. Aluminum and composite baseball bats are not allowed in any pro league, and they dont make any other equipment with as much of an ad campaign to it as their hockey stuff. I think, anyway.

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