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08-14-2010, 08:19 PM
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Your argument is off because it assumes certain things.

1. It's an all or nothing game.

It's not. It's a combination of being in the best league vs. money. When the gap is 20-30%, it's one thing. When the gap is 150%, it's another. If Kovalchuk is offered $15m in Moscow vs. $10 in the US, he might stay here. If he is offered $15 vs. $5, the gap becomes too big.

2. All players are the same.

They are not. Some will skip for lesser amounts than others. This is particularly true for European players.

3. The quality gap between the NHL and the KHL will remain.

It won't. As players move to the KHL, it will get better and the NHL worse. You don't notice it right now, but if top players in the game will have to take a 30-50% paycut, there will be a mass exodus of players. First the Russians, then the Europeans, and then even many Americans/Canadians.

As stars leave, all the lesser Russians and Europeans will stay in Europe too. Why move if the KHL is almost as good?

Soon enough, the KHL will reach enough parity with the NHL that going there won't be a downgrade in the quality of competition. The KHL may even become superior in quality.

Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
At the end of the day, hockey players know one thing.... Lord Stanleys Cup is THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN

Professional athletes generally WANT to know they beat the best to be the best. They have a fire inside that pushes them to get to the pros and if they're lucky, to a championship.

Money alone is rarely the SOLE motivation for a pro athlete. Hockey players even less so than other sports imo.

There are players right now who could bolt the NHL for a BIG raise in Europe. They stay here because they generally believe, and I agree, the NHL is the ultimate in MAKING IT as a pro player.

The KHL is generally for older players past their prime cashing in, players who couldn't cut it in the NHL and European players who may be talented, but have no wanderlust for North America.

As long as the gap in $$$ isnt too drastic no exodus to Russia is going to happen.

I find it very interesting that Zherdev came back to NA after ONE year in the KHL.

And for less $$ Very interesting indeed

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