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08-15-2010, 12:21 AM
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Name: Josh
Age: 29, going on 20
Location: MTL
Favourite current Hab: PK Subban
Favourite all time Hab: Russ Courtnall / Roy
Favourite beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper
Favourite food: Depends on my mood.
Favourite movies: Anything with Pacino, Deniro
Favourite music: It's about the artists, not the genre
Hobbies/interests: My passions are simple: Business and investing, online poker ("professionally" actually, for past 7 years), playing / watching hockey and I'm addicted to weekend getaways / road-trips / cottage life
Origin of your screen name: Was high, and thought I'd start a new craze by coining a new nickname (never materialized)
How long you've been a habs fan? 22 years
How did you became a habs fan? Through cousins
Jerseys owned: Richer, Courtnall, Roy ... next one should be PK Subban
Your Choice Habs Captain 2010/11: None. (PK in 4 years). Wouldn't be upset with Markov or Gorges in the meantime.
Price or Halak 2010/11? Halak (Price will be a beast elsewhere, not here)
Predicted Habs Finish 2010/11: 30th (Price is going to crack by game 20 -- he'll get traded and end-up elsewhere where he'll be a true #1)
What is the most useless item you own: PS3 (never use it)
Why it didn't work out between you and Megan Fox: She has hair on her boobs
Celebrity Man crush: macaulay culkin
Would you rather be a Ninja or Wizard: Ninja, I guess....
If you were commisioner for a day you would: Force NBC to source TSN to do their games -- and promote hockey as a Canadian game as opposed to trying to make it "american" (and failing miserably).

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