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Originally Posted by Chadd View Post
470 kids is a decent amount, the problem is a lot of them will get their skates sharpened 3 or 4 times a year. They all obviously go somewhere already too, so you will have to do a better job than wherever that is if you want to get more than just the lazy parents or the emergency repairs. And you'll have to be there when they are and when they need them done, or you won't even be the most convenient option.

I wish you the best of luck, but having run a shop and been in the business for over a decade, I don't see the numbers to justify it.
Yea I know where your coming from. I't is a big step but I am really excited about it and I really think I can make it work. I currently sharpen many of the locals skates out of my auto repair garage. I have built up a good reputation over the past 4 years and actually keep pretty busy doing it. Trust me when I say there is no one local sharpening skates. It's an 18 mile drive to the nearest hockey shop and they dont offer flat bottom sharpening as of yet. My plan is to sit in front of the local rink (without a pro shop) Mon, Wed, Fri evenings, Sat, Sun mornings and during all school and youth games. I will also offer pick up and drop off for 10 pair minimum. I am having hockey bags made up to give to team mothers. This way they can throw their teams skates in there for me to pick up on a regular schedule. The truck will be parked in my driveway when not out working. I will also offer drop off to my home.

Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
a problem i foresee is rinks not allowing you to set up in their parking lot if they have a shop even if its a separate company and they are just renting it out i doubt they would let you try and take customers away from their shop they rent out
That was my biggest issue when I was considering buying the truck. I made a pile of phone calls and contacts before buying the business. I have several rinks who do dot have pro shops that would love to have me on their lots. I am in the process of getting the permit to be the only vendor at our local rink which is owned by the city. There hasnt been a pro shop in there in years and it's only a mile from my home. Also my plan for tournaments is not to park at the rinks but even better, the hotel lots. Kids dont hang out at the rinks. They hang out at hotels. You've seen them, they run a muck up and down the halls and in the pool area. They will walk right by the truck several times a day. To and from games, breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on. The hotels wont have a problem with it when you inform them ahead of time explaining that your youth organazition will have over 200 famailies staying at their hotel and I am their skate sharpener. They wouldnt want to take to take the chance of loosing 200 plus rooms to another hotel.
Believe me when I say I didnt just jump into this without doing my homework first. The possibilities are endless for something thats truly unique.

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