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08-15-2010, 09:46 AM
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getting rid of these type of contracts is easy now that the "cats out of the bag" sort of. And thanks to the Devils those contracts are done. what they need to figure out is how to reward teams for keeping their own guys. Its a shame how the balckhawks just go dismantled (we shouldn't really feel bad for them since they signed Hossa, Campbell etc. knowing that they have an excelent young core that they had to let go) they kind of went all or nothing and the gamble paid off, but it seems like now they will have nothing.
It seems like sports has become just synonymous with money.. we spent twice as much time talking about monetary issues rather then the sport itself. This is just crazy and drives me crazy. Between players contract talks and the labor agreements talks we're kind of losing touch with the sport itself. Now we get a hard-on for the contract the player signs rather then for how many goals the guy scored. This just sucks.
The football season is starting and all we hear is Revis Revis Revis, **** him suspend him for the year teach him (and all these overpaid athletes) a lesson who the REAL BOSS is.

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