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08-15-2010, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
Hey, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to trade any of them right now. They're important parts of our team. I'm just saying that committing like 10 million in cap space to three, although solid, one-dimensional defensive guys on more than a short-term basis shouldn't be the plan. They need to bring some puck moving capability, outlet pass competence or be legit shutdown guys to be worth 3 mill and above once we're up against the cap. Just being defensively solid alone isn't gonna cut it.
True, but we have to overpay somewhere to make the team attractive and to advance. I think that we went the opposite direction by having a history of high scoring when 99 was here and were never truly a defensive team. So now we're going the other way. I would like to see a PMD get in here too, but we gotta start somewhere.

I don't know..I'm guessing but I wonder if the personality of players who are not superstar scorers are easier to deal w/ in the dressing room and are more stable upstairs. I think that's partially why DL has passed on players who can score but are just 'not the right fit'. It might just be easier to build on more stable ground. I think scorers are harder to keep because they're wanting all the extra cash and prestige that goes with the goals. Afterall, that's what draws fans. Just musing...

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