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08-15-2010, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
Actually it's very close. If you give a guy $7.6M for 2 years and then a few years later give him $525K to do the same job, that's a significant difference, and yes the Briere contract is very similar even if it's not as extreme.

I didn't even bring up LTIR, so, that's sort of irrelevant. They're not going to try to put him on it if he has a broken pinky nail.

A calculated dispersing of a contract based on an agreement is different, so no, that isn't my theory at all. Paying different amounts of a real salary is different than the obvious discount Pronger gets at the end of his contract. That's done more to help the budget of teams like Buffalo who can't keep up and still want to sign players to decent contracts, not to do what some of these teams are doing, even if the NHL was naive enough to not outline it. Paying Scott Hartnell $3.2M in the last year of his deal is a far different animal than paying Chris Pronger $1.05M over the last two years. So, stop acting like it's the same, because it's not.
It doesn't matter if it's the same. At the end of the day, it's not cap circumvention because of the 35+ contract.

There is no cap being circumvented regardless.

At that point, since there is no possibility for the cap to be circumvented, it falls into the realm of signee's discretion. If Pronger didn't get what he was due, that's his fault. In the eyes of the league though, it's no different than if I were to pay Giroux $5.00m next year and $1.00m/year for four years after that. In the end, it's Giroux's fault for taking that little money.

If the Flyers could possibly circumvent the cap through Pronger's retirement, then there would be a legitimate cause for concern based on those final two years.

Even so, you might as well treat Pronger's contract as if it were $4.92m each year. It won't change anything for the Flyers if you restructure his contract. If Pronger chooses to retire then that's his choice, but for the Flyers, it only means they lose the player, not the cap hit for that player.

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