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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
I was thinking about this the other day...reminds me of Calgary saying they can't afford all there defenseman, trading Phaneuf and his 6 million and then signing White and Stajan for a combined amount of...drum roll....6 million...

We traded Visnovsky and signed Stoll and Greene to contracts that equal the exact same amount. Don't get me wrong, I love Matt Greene....but now looking at it Stoll is now overpaid and about to be replaced by Schenn or Loktionov and Greene, as much as we love him, is making quite a bit of money. But, I guess it comes back to what is happening, we have to overpay to keep guys in SoCal.
If Stoll is overpaid, what wold you say a gritty, 2-way hockey playing center who excels at face-offs and can play the point on the PP and get you in the ballpark of 50 points is worth? Just curious how much you think he's over paid. What would you give him?

Also, in this scenario you mention of Lubo being traded for Greene and Stoll, are you taking into consideration that 2 roster spots are being filled for the same money as the previous 1 occupied by Lubo? But Stoll is being overpaid eh? Kind of important factor to think about when running a team with a salary cap don't you think?

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