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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
In your scenario, Pronger plays out his deal. If we were to pay him 4.92 million ever year, is that cap circumvention? It's the same exact thing, provided that he plays every year of the contract. The cap circumvention issue doesn't com into play until players start missing the tail ends of those deals.

Really, the way I view the Pronger deal, (in effect, not necessarily the Flyers' original intention IMO), is that they are getting a 6+ million dollar player, but they are amortizing that cost a little bit. They still have to pay the piper, cap-wise, it's just the structure of the contract makes it hurt later instead of now. The possibility of cap circumvention isn't itself cap circumvention. A cap-dump trade or fraudulent LTIR assignment would be the circumvention if it were to happen.

But in the end I honestly think the Flyers were trying to tack on a few years thinking they weren't going to be bound by the over 35 rules. What can you do?
See, that's the problem with all of this speculation: the idea of cap circumvention is sketchy at best, and can be interpreted in many ways. That's why they have arbitrators come in and decide these things, and investigate contracts on a per-case basis.

Getting a 6+ million dollar player for a cap hit of under 5 million is one way of trying to get around the rules of the salary cap world. Technically, I think Pronger's contract won't be rejected because ultimately the 35+ rule keeps his hit on the books and therefore you're missing one of the elements that made the Kovy deal so ridiculous. However, I think that the contract still violates the spirit of the rule.

Even if these contracts don't get rejected now, I have a feeling there may be some sticking points with them when the next CBA rolls around. I wouldn't be surprised if some clause is added so that the single-year monetary amounts attached to contracts all have to be within a certain percentage of each other to avoid frontloaded or backloaded contracts that are clearly designed to lower cap hit relative to what a player's hit should be.

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