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Originally Posted by minorlife View Post
Some teams in the Empire would crush WSHL teams. The EJHL is in my opinion better than the NAHL in many cases. They do an excellent job at keeping the local east coast kids on the east coast. Some EJ teams could compete in the USHL and probably make the playoffs.
I would not agree that its better than nahl. The monarchs and the hitmen are the only teams that could compete against "SOME" nahl teams. Plus parents dont have to pay for anything in the nahl except billeting. Unless if a kid is on those two teams or south shore, hes going d3. There are exceptions, especially if you have an agent or any political or money power.

Originally Posted by jgherbert57 View Post
My grandson has been asked to play for a number of teams Junior A to Junior B, in the IJHL-A, EJHL-B, NORPAC-A, WSHL-A, this is our first year looking at the offers and he is in the process of visting each team right now and rating everything from the coaching staff to facilities, etc., so that we can help him make the best choice so he can meet his goals.

He will be 17 in August and will be a senior this coming up year. We understand the tier structure USHL-1, NAHL-2 Then you have the rest, how do you see the IJHL-A? vs NORPAC-A VS WSHL-A Then we have 2 junior B team EJHL-b which is the MJHL any and help opions are welcome.
If he is getting offers from his aaa u18 team is dallas, go there. I left to early to go play juniors in the opjhl instead of play aaa for compuware when I was 17 and most of my teammates who were on that team, are now in the ushl.

The ijhl is garbage stay away.

If your grandson is REALLY getting offers from the aaa teams such as the stars or the attack or the alliance bulldogs, then you are def in the clear and i would stay with them.

Norpac is not amazingly specatcular and nither is the aj or the wshl. Keep him in aaa and see what happens at the end of the year.

When he is on the aaa team, get as close to the coach as you can. Pay him if you have to. Its a dog eat dog world and you must do anything you can to get ahead.

If it is the NAPHL AAA TORNADOS that hes has offers from stay away. Its way too much money and even though i was a member of team maryland last year, the naphl was a average leauge. Nothing compared to the mwehl or the tier 1 leauge that its being called now.

Get an agent IMMIDIATELY. Anyone that gets anywhere has the coach on his side calling teams for him, is paying the coach to get it done, and has an agent who is looking at jr a teams for him.

If I knew back then what I knew today, I would def be in a better spot than i am now.

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