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08-15-2010, 04:16 PM
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Got new RBK 4k Skates but the bone outside my ankle is hurting

I finally decided to get something more comfortable than my super entry level Bauer one05 or the Easton S3.
Well, I tried the 4Ks at the store (originally wanted the 6k) and liked them so much that I bought them BUT first time skating I started to get a bad pain on the outside bone thingy on my ankle.
It was baked once so I took them back to the store and they baked them again and I am yet to try them but even walking on the store I still felt some pressure but since the area was tender I was not sure if it was just that.
So, is this something I should be able to tough out and it will go away?
It is surprising cause there is a LOT of padding and it feels nice to my fingers so I am not sure how that can really hurt me.

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