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10-02-2003, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by temporary pencil
I'm going to get absolutely shellshocked for this, but... I don't think Saku Koivu is a very good captain.

Don't get me wrong, he showed an awesome courage when he came back from cancer and was a real inspiration for the whole team. Koivu is a very hard worker who gives everything he has on every shift. I don't think anyone on the Habs roster gives as much effort on the ice as Koivu does.

But, what makes a good captain? Certainly Koivu has great qualities... but...

The Canadiens last year were as far as you can get to a "team". Players fought in practices, the team was separated into a lot of small groups who rarely interacted with each other... and, well, pretty much everything we heard about that dressing room was a horror story. The players had ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for Michel Therrien, so much that after a while no one listened to him anymore.

Not to mention some comments that Koivu made that could just... make you shake your head sometimes. Like that thing about Garon playing better than any goalie he has ever seen... wonder how Theodore felt about that one.

Do you think that Steve Yzerman or Scott Stevens would have let crap like that happen to a team? I even heard rumours about the Habs considering to give Quintal the captaincy at some point, although I don't know if that was true and I don't think it would have solved anything.

For someone not aware of many things that have actually been said off the record,you made some points. But the thing is, there's no heart in this team, and we're filled with one-dimensional non-working cherry pickers. Overall there's no chemistry. There's also two clans in the locker room. The Theodore one and the Saku one. The Theodore one gets a lot of good press. Many journalist are actually close friends of Theodore. Theodore's career is even managed at some extend by Guy Cloutier. There's a lot a positive propaganda in Theodore's favor. But those media who are with Theodore are also against Koivu. For obvious reasons, Saku is the better player and the habs management will have to choose between Saku and Jose when the money will be an issue (there's 2 years remaining on both Saku's and Jose's contract!). So they want to keep Theodore up the the "race". Koivu has been VOTED capitain YEARS ago. For his LEADERSHIP skills and hard working. But he's been surrounded of crappy players, a bad locker room and a bad media propaganda (ala 110%). Now, you're saying that Yzerman or Stevens wouldn't let that? Oh well, if they would try to be bigger than Theodore they would receive the kind of treatment you wish you'll never get... And with a such team with no heart, there's no one else than a heart surgeon who could give those player a heart. Stevens or Yzerman would not be able to get them working harder or not being that way. This team consists of egoist, media-created monsters and heartless players. Tell me that Stevens or Yzerman could change that; the only way would be that they take the GM spot!

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