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08-16-2010, 01:21 AM
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Going through posts I've overlooked:

Originally Posted by Generic User View Post
Didn't you guys know that the X is on reservation land? Apparently there's some battle brewing in the state legislature about taking more than just a 30% cut to try to fund a new Vikings stadium. The talk is that the state wants around 40% but talks haven't gone smoothly. Minnesotans just might lose two of their teams in the same year since the Native American counselmen of Mystic Lake Casino are majority shareholders of the team soon-to-be formerly known as the Minnesota Wild. But Gopher, you're in school to be a lawyer. Surely you can come up with a grandiose lie. You could use the practice
You mean punch and pie isn't good enough?

Originally Posted by VelvetJones View Post
The Wild are not irrelevant at all.

Great hockey market with real hockey fans, they just need a good run in the playoffs. I know you guys don't have a outspoken fanbase here and that's not a bad thing. Going to the official boards on the teams website shows me you guys probably have the nicest and most polite group of fans in the league.

They say Canadians are polite and nice in general but for sure not here with our kiddies.
There are people on the official boards still? Seriously, this isn't me making myself feel better or anything - there's no one on there.

Originally Posted by DeuceUNO View Post
Post sonething about how we're changing our logo to a unicorn.
Or that our logo really is a unicorn.

Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
Here are a few I just thought of:

(1)-They are considering giving a free boob job to one lucky fan every time a Wild player scores a hat trick at home.

(2)- Penn and Teller are silent, minority owners.

- Xcel has been struck by lightning over 50 times.

I think you guys will have a much improved team this year, and will get more attention for it.
1. This one won.

2. This one is just my favorite.

Blog: First Round Bust: A Cast of Thousands celebrating a rather dodgy track record of Minnesota Wild Drafting.

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