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08-16-2010, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by gamblor506 View Post
I dont know about other people, but I find this year is the first year in awhile, that I feel really good about or roster and we have alittle bit of everything.

2 good top 6 centers.
1st and 2nd line have chemistry and will be awesome I think if we keep atleast 80% of the season healthy
3rd line is pretty solid
4th line is solid as well, lots of chemistry from last year

Goaltending once signed, we will have a good tandem
Defense, I found we got some more youth and mobility on the backend plus keeping the vets

Overall I like what Gauthier has done with the few signings he has done. I think if healthy the Habs will be a threat in the East, just my opinion.

What do you guys think? You think our line up is pretty much complete and will be battling in the East? Do you think our line up is good and do you feel good about it?

Like I said its been a few years now since going into a season where I actually felt good about our roster prior to the start of a season. Years before you could point out something that needed to be changed, Something we lacked, or Something we needed. I think we brought in alot of youth for our forwards. Backend we have add Subban and Picard along with Gorges. I think its just a great lineup all around.
Our team is borderline excellent.
Imagine when we'll have 5.75M$ more to spend next season and imagine if A.Kost or B. Pou either bust or explode (any would do, if they bust, bye bye, we replace by whoever... Guerin? etc. it's all good! if they explode though, it's even better... worst thing they can do is remain question marks)

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