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08-16-2010, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
Contracts that circumvent the Cap are not allowed. You cant have two sets of rules.
Yes I'm not sure why you said this I'm suggesting a type of penalty because I share the exact same sentiment. But obviously we have contracts likeHossa's and Luongo's in the league so the question becomes what kind of penalty or rule could be instated to PREVENT teams from even trying to circumvent the cap.

My title is not perfect I should have titled "What rules could prevent attempts to circumvent the cap."

So bad title by me.

If the rule I made up were instated teams wouldn't be able to circumvent the cap.

Kovie signs. The contract would look fishy. The league rules on if the contract is guilty of circumvention and if yes the penalty goes into effect. Maybe an arbitrator is used as it was in this last case.

The only problem i have is the rules don't define exactly what would be cap circumvention but (sometimes) the league is smart. I'm sure they can see the difference between Gabs or hank's contract and Hossa's or Kovie's.

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