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08-16-2010, 11:42 AM
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I think the Rangers are a playoff bubble team in the conference, and Biron is one of the biggest keys in helping them get there.

Lundqvist doesnt need to play 70 games this season, and i believe the rest will help him and the team greatly. We saw him hit some rough patches in the November-January months over the past few seasons, and he has been worn down by the end of the year. Adding a legit backup and a guy who has a couple 30 win season under his belt with skill is a huge benefit to a club that has relied so heavily on goaltending in years past.

I will feel a lot more confident going into a game where Hank isnt starting compared to years past. You just didnt know what you were going to get. Biron has something to prove and hes here a couple of years so hes going to want to get back into top form. One of the biggest pluses is that Biron grew up attending the Alliare camps and now he has been reunited with Benoit who he has already spoken to. Birons also taking his conditioning a lot more seriously this offseason considering Torts camp. All major pluses in net for the Rangers.

I think it could have some lingering adverse effects as well though. Tortorella has been known to juggle around his goaltenders in the past, especially if someone isnt performing. If Lundqvist lets in a few softies we could see Biron get the nod on a few occasions when the fans and the media might expect otherwise. That could cause a little tension with Lundqvist and Tortorella (not to mention the debates on HF) - but i believe that Henrik is a team first guy and can put that aside (to a certain degree) even though he is a fiery competitor. Personally i think it will be healthy for the team and Henrik. I wouldnt be surprised if we see a stretch where Biron is left in the net until he loses a game. Its up to him how long hell ride out that stretch and it may dictate what his total is at the end of the year.

With all the said, yes - I do expect Biron to start somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-20 games.

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