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Originally Posted by Venom_17
Spezza probably won because he plays on a weaker team.
Spezza won because he plays in a division with weaker goaltending.

Members of the top 10 club:

Atlantic Division
1. Steve Valiquette - 1.76 GAA, .935 SV%
2. Jason Labarbera - 1.86 GAA, .934 SV%
5. Cam Ward - 2.02 GAA, 9.36 SV%
5. Hannu Toivonen - 2.02 GAA, .932 SV%

East Division
5. Mike Leighton - 2.02 GAA, .921 SV%
8. Antero Nittymaki - 2.10 GAA, .923 SV%

The next goaltending leader to appear in either division is Worcester's Jason Bacashihua at 21, with a 2.53, .901.

Binghamton faced Philly and Norfolk for a total of 14 games.
Against Leighton, Spezza scored only 2 goals and tallied 2 assists all season.
Against Nittymaki, Spezza scored only 1 goal and tallied only 3 assists all season.

That's only 8 points in 14 games (57%) against his division's toughest goaltenders.

Manchester face Hartford, Lowell and Providence for a total of 29 games.
Against Labarbera, Cammy scored 3 goals and tallied 2 assists all season.
Against Valiquette, Cammy scored 1 goal and tallied 4 assists all season.
Against Ward, Cammy scored 6 goals (one hat trick) and tallied 5 assists all season.
Against Toivonen, Cammy scored 3 goals and tallied 3 assists all season.

That's 27 points in 29 games (93%) against his division's toughest goaltenders, almost a point a game!

So, you can say what you will about Spezza and his deserving the AHL MVP award yadda-yadda-yadda, but this homer thinks that Cammy deserves it hands down and believes the scoring statistics, when taking into account the level of play for the division played in, backs him up. Against the tougher goaltenders, Cammy's performance was much better than Spezza's, and he faced them more often than Spezza did. Spezza won on pure numbers alone because he played against weaker netminders in a weaker division, not because he's a better center/scorer than Cammy.

Frankly, if you (the generic "you", not venom_17) can't back up your rebuttal with facts and not opinion, 'nuff said.

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