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08-16-2010, 01:04 PM
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First of all, I'm stoked that Biron is the backup this season, but am worried at the insignificance if might have. Now, that won't be Biron's fault, but because this team will probably look absolutely pathetic on the ice for the majority of the season. As we've grown accustomed to that they usually do.

The main problem is, as every year since we signed our main albatrosses, that players have to step up in roles and lines they're not good enough to play in, to cover up for our $7m third liners and $6.5m third pair D-men, that should be good - and paid - enough to be team carriers.

You know the drill. Torts says Henrik will rest more. The team sucks and hangs both the backup and Henrik out to dry, while barely managing to score at all. We drop in the standings in november-january, after most teams have figured us out like an open book and own us on a consistent basis. Torts goes from angry, to steaming, to having red marks of a hand over his face because of constant facepalming and a sore neck from staring too much into the Garden ceiling. Lundqvist stand on his head every once and then for a shaky "team" win, while Gaborik scores a timely goal.

And then Lundqvist is forced to play 70+ games anyway, because the only chance the team has to even sniff a playoff spot will be to ride their elite goalie. While Biron might be an excellent backup, I fear "excellent" isn't good enough on this team for more than a dozen starts.

My hopes: Lundqvist 62 games, Biron 20 games.
My expectations as a bitter Rangers fan: Lundqvist 70 games, Biron 12 games.

It's all up to the team. I'm more positive this season than many seasons before, since the team looks better than in a long time, talent wise. But we still lack team carriers and still have some of the worst contracts in the league, which the rest of the players have to carry on their backs.

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