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08-16-2010, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BobSantos View Post
It's simple math. 6 years. What's wrong with you?

The only thing simple around here appears to be you. Just admit you miscalculated so we can drop this joke of an arguement your making. He barely coached the Rangers for 4 seasons, he only coached 3 FULL SEASONS.

No, the same way Renney coached the end of 04 and missed the PO's, Tortorella coached the end of 09 and got to the PO's. Same standard.

So Renney coached the last 20 of 03-04 (25%)and gets the blame for missing the playoffs, and Torts coaches the last 20 of 08-09 (25%) and gets the credit for making the playoffs? WOW, with each post you make those around you dumber...

I've had a cup. I'm clamoring for accountability and passion. I have seen none for over 10 years.
Renney was fine while Jagr was here but I got tired of it, a lot of fans got tired of it, and the locker room was tired of it after more than half a decade.

Here we go again, your selective amnesia kicking in. Renney did not coach for half the decade.
Renneys teams made the playoffs every full season he coached as well as 1 partial season.
Renneys team did not make the playoffs in only one season and that season he coached a total of 20 games.
Before Renney showed up in 03-04, the rangers hadn't made the playoffs since 1997. We were a joke, a punchline for every team in the league watching us spend 75 million a season and fold. Renney brought back some respectabilty, some pride in being a Ranger.
Your telling people to go praise Renney in a different thread while you try and bestow praise upon a coach that has done absolutely nothing for the Rangers. If it talks like a fool and acts like a fool...well than bob, you must be a fool.

My responses are above, its not important though because I hardly believe you have any sense of reading comprehension seeing the arguements you throw at people. I'm done with you, you argue for the sake of seeing your own posts. There are people here with friendly, informative posts that I'm missing wasting time with you.

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