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08-16-2010, 07:45 PM
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TG and Phil:

I dont disagree that DL has made this team better, but I think that so many of the words that are spewed out to justify his actions and/or inaction are just that: spewed out and mean very little. Kings tattoo's, right fit at right price, poaching RFA's for cheap from other teams, all seemingly have their place in explaining his action, at least right up until DL finds a reason why they shouldn't apply anymore.

IK, and I was in favor of trying to get him, certainly has only one thing tattoo'd on his rear and that is a Dollar sign. Frolov was and will always be a KING (in my mind) but was let go (for nothing in return) most likely due to off-ice issues which angered primarily the Asst GM. (if you don't know don't ask, I'm not publicly telling). It wasnt the money that was the reason Cammy was traded, but DL thought he couldnt do what Cammy knew he could. DL didn't like him as a person or player. Many in this board doubted his ability too.
He chose Tuebert over Myers, a pick many questioned and look how that is turning out.
He's far from perfect (who isn't), but he's built up the organization too, albeit with some weaknesses.

Contrary to popular belief, I dont think he's a bad GM, he may even be the best we've had, (everything being relative), but I think Syd put it best when he said "he's not as good as he thinks, and not as bad as many believe."

That said, lets not start sucking each others ***** over how great he is until this team actually arrives at the point of being a perennial Stanley Cup contender and Stanley Cup Champion. They aren't there yet, and although DD08 may be the next coming of Ray Borque, Boston didnt win much with him either.

And Rick: Yes, I'd take a single cup and banner hanging from the rafters than the mere chance at getting more. With the odds on repeating being what they are in the salary cap world, even getting just ONE CUP would be a crowning achievement. I'd hate to pass up actually attaining the goal for the mere chance at doing it several times. As i said before one in the hand over two in the bush.

Apparently, even the GM that so many of you hold on a pedestal feels the same way! His words (on NHL Radio) not mine. And he certainly didnt have to say them, no one held a gun to his head and DL is clearly not a guy to hold to Political Correctness just because its expected. He would trade all the possible chances to actually have won a cup, even if it meant having all of Chicago's budget problems this year. (Yes he said it)

I dont visit the other teams boards that often on this site, but am I wrong in assuming that Chicago fans aren't screaming how stupid it was to get all those players and to have won the cup because the team had to be subsequently dismantled? Maybe some of their fans lament the loss of some players, but if you asked them if they'd rather have their players back in exchange for never having won the cup, I have NO DOUBT that they would decline the opportunity.


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