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08-16-2010, 07:04 PM
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I agree largely with what you have said and am trying to see where we differ all that much. I mean, DL is a very good GM and DT had a fire sale before he was fired other than that I was happy with him too. We both know what MC was dealt for and the money had nothing to do with it. We also both know about how damaging players interacting with the wives of others can be to a team/locker room and how commenting on those things can cause trouble for everyone (see Sean Avery)

I agree with you also that DL has his issues regarding what he sees as being a "team player" kind of guy and how it gets in the way of his ability to his best work.

So I agree that DL has his flaws and that some of them have cost us, I also think however that he has done a great job at not only restocking our back end but also in making from scratch an effective system for developing players.

Now I understand that it will take time for me to be proven right (if at all) but that is sort of where I stand. We agree on the IK situation and on a few other items as well.

Maybe a clarification is in order on my part. DL has done a great job in my opinion at preparing us to be a better team, more so than his predecessors. There could be several reasons for this that might have been out of their control but for whatever reason DL has done a better job than most in that area imo.

I know that your entire post wasn't directed at me so I am not certain what to say about some of the things that you posted. I can say that I don't hold DL up on a pedestal at all. I just think that we have a history of being so poorly managed that DL has come in and done a good enough job to date that he has my support for the time being.

If I do hold him above other gms it is in what I have seen since he has been GM regarding stocking our farm system. That he has done an excellent job at and I feel an even better job than his predecessors (though I am repeating myself now).

So if that is the area where we are at odds then I don't see us being too far off from each other.

I probably am just misunderstanding things again.

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