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08-16-2010, 08:17 PM
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OK so we are all on the same page (mostly) and yes he's competent. Ye we are closer than five years ago although I question whether there were faster alternatives, and whether some of the moves made created holes we are now looking to fill. (Scorer at LW and PMD) Arguments can be made both ways.

I'm not saying he isn't doing a good job, but the real test is what we WIN not what we BUILD. Of course, its understood that building maybe be one way of increasing your chances at winning, but its not the only way, and (holding my breath re WM) as far as signing UFA's, it is part of his job to woo those players to come here. As it is agreed we are not a "first choice" destination, using extra money is one way that problem can be overcome.

That is one place (one, not the only) I strongly disagree with DL's fiscal conservatism.
If we arent playing deep in the playoffs in the next two-three years (That would be through DL year 7) I dont think the man will be here.

So much depends on this season as well, as if these moves (including hopefully WM) and the kids stepping up doesnt get us further than last year, lots of voices will be echoing seeking someone's head, be it DL's or TM's

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