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08-16-2010, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Oh and DHK,

If we don't improve over this past season then DL will have gone against his promise of moving us forward each of his first five seasons in L.A.

We make the playoffs or we take a step backwards, not forwards no matter how we spin it here in board land and that would significantly challenge my opinion on the job the DL is or has done.

He said it and I expect it, its that simple.
This is where I am. When I hear someone, like the GM of my favorite Hockey club make a statement, I expect that statement to be more than just words thrown out into the public domain to make me feel better when it was uttered. I expect it to be TRUE. It may be before you were on this board, but I had the privilege of actually being invited to and attending one of the very small STH meetings DL held with long time, disgruntled STH's like myself, back in June of 2008. I asked the hard questions, about Cammy, about the length of the rebuild, about his boxes on his charts about his UFA signings (bridges, as he called them). (NotHelen wrote about it, and DL has referenced me although not by name on a couple occasions) In that meeting, DL was frank and sincere, and he made statements of fact. He talked about Cammy, who I have also met on several occasions (and had beers with) he discussed his plans for building (he told us who he coveted that year).

I have seen movement in that direction, but as to where he said we would be by this point, we are not there. People on this board make excuses for him, while I, like I do in life and my practice seek to evaluate people based on the confromity of their actions to their words. Its why I called him a shill for so long (and took lots of grief for it). I'd be a fool to say he hasn't built a pipeline that should bode well for the future, but so far he hasnt accomplished the things that are important and that is going deep into the playoffs. Maybe, hopefully, that will come through development alone, although I have sincere doubts. Every championship team in recent memory, even Detroit had significant UFA additions. And while Scuds and Poni may be important, we need more than just developing youth and progression to get over the hump and become the next Chicago (without the dismantling, (thats for you Rick))

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not ready to hand him the keys to the city, to Uncle Phils purse sure, but not the city. When he brings a mid-June parade that has nothing to do with a round-ball to LA, I'll sing his praises, but I'll note than San Jose, a team he is credited with developing into a contender hasnt even sniffed the finals yet.

His upcoming tests, the 2010-11 season, the re-signing of Bernier, DD08, Simmonds (who may or may not still be around) and JJ, and how deep into the playoffs we go will tell alot. And while my hopes are high, as they are most often in Fall, my heart-felt expectations don't nearly match them, because this off-season, so far hasnt given me reason to raise them any higher. All things given regression is just as likely as progression, age and maturity not withstanding.

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