Thread: Confirmed with Link: Arron Asham signs with Pittsburgh - 8/20
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08-16-2010, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I don't understand his thinking that he had to counter the Rangers goon for goon... nor the sudden thinking in the NHL that goons are again going to be valuable, thus paying them more.

All this is also in an era where playing four lines for reasonable minutes saves the top lines and gives better balance... Why he signs a player that most likely will not be able to play regular shifts -- albeit more than Cote, but less than Asham -- rather than just bring back Asham for probably less is beyond me. Shelley IMO is a luxury that will be used once every dozen games or so, and then only for a brief time. I believe the days of such enforcers having big impacts are gone... Homer and the other GMs obviously disagree, and they should know better than I.
i dont understand homer, until i get really ****ing drunk. then, i still don't understand him, but i see things from a "what can you do?" sort of perspective.

what im saying, if its not clear, is that homer ****ed up with shelley. i dont know if someone in the rangers organization got a BJ from his daughter or something, i just cant understand why signing shelley was needed.

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