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08-17-2010, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Rather pessimistic outlook.

Markov out? Last season he was injured in game 1 and didn't return until game 36. Expect him to play many more games this season. Subban will be better this season than last. Spacek will be in better shape.

Eller? He doesn't have to be the rookie of the year to surpass what SK did for the team. S Kost had a slow start and then was injured when he was starting to come on. Pouliot also played injured. Gionta and Cammallari missed games. There are untried new players who coul be pleasant surprises.

If Price plays as well as he did in the first two games last season the Habs will start with four points.
That's awesome. I'm not sure what the outcome will be because there's a few things I find uncertain and I'm pessimistic now?

Markov was out last year, that's correct. The Habs made the playoffs last year because they were able to secure a point against the Leafs in the last game of the season and even lost the game. Yes, they had a great playoff run, but nobody will argue that they were lucky to make it there in the first place.

Eller doesn't need to be a rookie of the year candidate, but I don't know what he'll be capable of. Why is it that everyone around here thinks he's a God-send? I'm happy to see youth with skill on the team, but man give the kid at least a little bit of time before we expect anything of him.

Injuries are crap-shoot, because we don't know if they'll happen. Come on, nobody really expects Markov to continue to get injured. Just like nobody expects anyone else to repeatedly get injured. But that's unpredictable so you can't throw the whole "well he was injured, so that's why" because it can happen again,

Pouliot played hurt? I know that. He also was playing hurt when he was scoring left and right. What's your point? He played hurt scoring and he played hurt regressing, I don't see how that's a point.

And Price. Yes, IF he does play the way he did at the start, we'll be fine. That's a quite obvious statement to make. But your entire post surrounded around the word "IF" which is what my initial post was about. So...

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