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Originally Posted by anderson9 View Post
A great blank spot in the history of one of the European legends, Erich Kühnhackl. Born and raised in what used to be Sudetenland, he took up minor hockey at a local Czech team and played on until he and his family as part of a German community emigrated/were forced to emigrate to West Germany (Malá encyklopedie ledního hokeje) My question is, how come a whole German enclave was allowed to stay in the former German-speaking town of Zieditz (Citice) for so long. And can anybody throw some light on the circumstances of their move to Germany. History sources say the German minority was deported from Czechoslovakia and Poland to a man in 1945-48 but how the Kühnhackls managed to happily escape?
PS I used ti be a huge Kühnhackl fan back in the seventies, even though his W-Germany was regularly thrashed by top European powers at WCs, often by a monstrous margin.
Not all of the Germans from Czechoslovakia were deported after WWII. If we trust wikipedia there still was around 100 000 ethnic Germans in the Czech part of Czechoslovakia in 1950. According to the last population census in 2001 there still were around 40 000 Germans in Czech republic. Though most of them are more or less assimilated- while they still preserve their German traditions, culture, language to soe extent a lot of them consider themselves Czech first.

I can´t confirm this but the reason why the Kunhackl family emigrated to Germany has probably much more to do with the occupation of Czechoslovakia rather than their ethnicity.

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