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Originally Posted by GirouxGiroux View Post
That's why Americans will support attacking soccer that takes risks, seeks rewards, etc. Sure, Americans want action. You can even see it in the way our national team plays. MLS is still growing and developing it's identity. I believe aggressive, attacking soccer is an American style that will become the trademark of the league.

That said, if anyone should be able to appreciate low scoring games, it should be hockey fans. Some of the best hockey games I've ever seen only had one or two goals. Like pitching duels in baseball or a defensive battle in football, there should be room for a scoreless soccer game.
the US national team brand of soccer is balanced at best... it certainly isn't the straight defense and hope for a header off a corner goal that England employs, but to refer to it as attacking instills a Brazil/Argentina type impression in my head of 3 straight strikers never crossing midfield and looking for streaking counters all game.

In general I think of Spanish influenced soccer as attacking (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, South American teams) and the more "haughty" European nations as defensive (England, France, Netherlands). Asian teams and the US team don't seem to know what the **** they want to be.

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