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08-17-2010, 10:54 AM
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Someone please explain to me why a tie game is dumb?

EDIT: Been to 3 Union games so far this season, all of them were ****ing awesome. (Saw the Celtics, Crew and Rapids)

- Celtics game ended in a tie but it was increidbly exciting throughout the game.

- The Crew match was pretty awesome if you were a Crew fan. Regardless, the game was an awesome time.

- Rapids match was by far the most exciting, too bad we couldn't pull away with a win.

Main problem I see with the Union - midfield. It's almost a chore to get the ball past our half line. The defensemen don't communicate well with the midfielders and that creates problems moving the ball. Also, our forwards aren't the most aggressive forwards in the world. If they put just a little bit of pressure on the opposition we'd see more counter attacks.

I swear, the Union slogan is "let's hope for the best." Oh, here's a corner kick.. let's just hit it into the crowd and hope for the best.

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