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10-02-2003, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Laperriere22
A few things from tonight's game I noticed. I missed a few minutes here and there; so, certain players may have been better when I wasn't watching. I did tape the game; so, I'll go back and watch it again anyway.

I'll answer Dario's question about McCormick first. Downey wanted to fight McCormick in the 3rd period and McCormick declined. As both guys were heading to the bench, Downey gave McCormick a shove as he was entering the open door. No intent to injure or anything, just a little nudge to let McCormick know that Downey was still there. McCormick stops, goes back out the door and skates towards the Stars bench where Downey was now sitting. They yap at each other and the refs give Downey a crappy penalty for that little nudge. That was the whole situation.

The Avs lines were:

Hahl-Hinote-McCormick (don't quote me on the positions on this line though)


Hinote was better than I've ever seen him. Used his speed very well to get in position offensively for once and put shots on net. His goal came from a horrific no-call and Turco badly misplaying the little backhander from a poor angle. Hinote was still great tonight and I won't take that away from him. Svatos (Stars play-by-play kept calling him Savatos though) looked pretty good too. Didn't play all that physical or agitating, but made a very nice pass to Nikolishin and also a good play to intercept the attempted clear behind the net right before the pass. Nikolishin dragged down Young on the no-call that led to Hinote's goal, but was quite good as well. The Avs PK and PP were dominating; the PK was very aggressive and the Stars had trouble all night gaining the zone and setting up. I thought the Stars were much better at even strength though.
Some random thoughts:

Lappy I found ur assessment of the game to be largely accurate. I especially like your illustration of Skoula's poor defensive play. Numerous times he stood around while a dallas forward screened sauve in front of the net. Martin has so much size that he doesn't use to his advantage. I think he's definitely trade bait this year.

Hinote did use his speed effectively. Sauve badly needs to work on his stick handling. Kudos to him though for having the balls to come out of his net on a regular basis. That takes guts when you know you are a poor stick handler.

The avs PP was not dominating. They did well in spurts. Yet, for the large part they did not control the puck well from what I remember. PK was very good though. I hope they can keep it up.

Liles isn't strong enough to be an NHL defenseman yet, IMO. He needs to become cut like Rafalski before he can be an impact player (maybe he is, I don't really know).

In general this game sucked. The Dallas announcers aren't terribly bias but they could be better. I think Colorado was lucky to pull out a win since the Stars really could have put this game away early on.

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