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08-17-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by jamz View Post
The fact that the crimes on a young girl were commited before the incident makes it even worse he drove his son to the hotel (and lied about it).

It's also not illegal to smear feces all over your face, but it's also disgusting and I would also be ashamed for the organisation if one of its ambassadors did that.
Guy Lafleur did not commit any crime except lying to the court about his son going out. The age of the Girlfriend is irrelevant. He lied to protect his son from going to jail. His son may be an idiot, a bad person or whatever, but Guy Lafleur is just a desperate father trying to help his son.

The police is not trying to convict him of driving the son to the hotel : THAT IS NOT THE CRIME. It's about LYING TO THE POLICE to protect his son.

It was a victimless crime since no one was hurt and the guy is STILL with the girlfriend.

The organisation has nothing to do ewith this either, and being on the habs payroll does not make you immune to parents feelings and biological urges to protect your child. If you don't understand that then I guess there's no point arguing now, is there?

All in all, the JUSTICE system says he's free to go, so do you think he bribed the judge? or maybe he signed a jersey for him?

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