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08-17-2010, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by DoesURchickenFLY View Post
The color scheme of the one you presented looks similar to what the Stars have worn for years in some form or fashion and it is fine but it is meh, dull and boring to be frank, certainly not something I want to go out and drop a chunk of change on. The Stars have had some of the worst/most boring jerseys for a while, even aside from the disastrous mooterus incident. The Stars are the only team in the league that has green as a color and it needs to be emphasized. Taking it back to a kelly green is exactly what the Stars jersey needs, it gives it a retro/throw back feel to the North Stars heritage that seems to have been completely forgotten, while retaining the Stars logo to keep it Dallas. Those couple of mock ups that Piqued did are jerseys I would happily drop money on and am wondering if there is a way to get them made even without it being an "official" jersey .
This is what it should be about. I believe quite strongly that more than just Star fans would be up for a throwback feel for the Stars. I buy old Whaler and Nordique gear, and I know hockey fans would buy something with more of a NorthStar green look to it. We might even pick up a few banwaggoners out of it. The color was one of the reason I started cheering for the NorthStars some 2 decades + ago.

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