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08-17-2010, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
probably, that's the way it's been for the past few years and their demos. I can't wait to see if they've actually improved the AI. I'm really liking the look of hitting now. dynamic hit physics is a major plus (not that it hasn't been a long time coming).
It will still suck (AI) until they put true dynamic puck rebounds like a pinball and not have it stick like ****in glue.

The problem with EA is that they put the same AI controls when you're playing versus as when you're playing dynasty mode. Dynasty mode AI requires that many categories get randomly boosted with each different games, so that the outcome is not always you winning. But this is truly irritating when playing versus because sometimes you can be the best player and you'll still lose because the AI boosted the goalie on the other team or the pokecheck or a mix of whatever.

They also give too much advantage to the new controllers. If someone is playing in classic mode, they'll be disadvantaged from the getgo. That was a middle finger to all the old fans who loved the old controls and made EA what it is today.

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