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08-17-2010, 07:04 PM
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BFD & Flat Bottom V Sharpenings

I am set up with the Blademaster BFD which currently offers x6 x7 and x8. How many of you have tried it, which cut do you prefer, what are your opinions, likes, dislikes, etc... How common is it in your area and what is the going rate for a flat bottom sharpening. I hear some guys are charging twice as much as a standard sharpening but i also hear the BFD holds an edge twice as long. Is there any truth to this? Flat Bottom sharpening is not common at all here in eastern Ma. Infact very few people have heard of it out here. The guy I bought the business from (out in MN) told me 90% of his skate sharpenings were BFD and only about 10% were standard ROH sharpenings. I hear a good percentage of the pros are using flat bottom. I think I'm going to sharpen my sons skates with the x7 without telling him. I'm really curious to see if he notices a differance or if he even mentions it to me at all. I would try it for myself but I dont skate! Yea I can hear you laughing!!!
Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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