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08-17-2010, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by tjcurrie View Post
Obviously nobody would be wearing the #9.

As for the rest of the uniform, I gotta say I like it a lot better than the other ones being posted on here with all due respect. The green tones are off and I gotta say Im not a fan of having two green tones no mater what they look like.

Im gonna get accused of being bias here but I really think the ones I presented have more of a traditional hockey sweater look to them and likely wouldnt garner mixed reviews like these other ones would. Again I mean no offense Im just trying to be fair and rate what I see.
No offense, but my impression of the ones you posted were that they belonged in Cedar Park. They don't have a 'big league' feel to them to me.

I can see why someone would be hesitant on the 'new' green tones of the jerseys piqued put together, but IMO that is precisely where they succeed. That green would absolutely pop on the ice. The dark green of those you posted and of past Stars jerseys almost look black from any distance.

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