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08-17-2010, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Anisimov View Post
So I am in a weird situation right now. I'm using NBH Vapor xxxx skates right now, and I was using Vapor xxii before. Both skates are 10D. I never had arch pain with the 22's. Now, here’s when the weird part kicks in. I've been on the xxxx's for 3 months now. Used them about 40 times. I only had arch pain when I first got them because of the break in process I guess (yes, I had them heated too.) After about 2 weeks in them the pain had gotten away and they were fine.

Now, I have terrible outer and inner arch pain in both skates and I have no idea why. I read in a couple of threads that different skate brands, are better for different arch’s. I took a picture of my feet, because I'm not really sure what arch’s I have. Getting a new pair of skates would not be a problem, only if it was needed. The thing that I don't understand is that I had no problem in the other skates and they are both in the vapor line.
I would suggest getting a pair of insoles before dropping the coin on a new pair of skates. The Superfeet insoles seem to work really well for arch pain, and should run between 30-40 bucks. Just my .2

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