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Originally Posted by piqued1457 View Post
I might as well use this opportunity to share a concept I recently finished.

There were 2 main goals for this 3rd jersey that I sense are shared by the majority of Stars fans:

Bring back the green
...but not just any green. Personally I love the old North Stars shade of lighter green. In any discussion about the best NHL jerseys of all-time the North Stars are frequently mentioned by fans all around the league. You see a ton of people sporting them at any given game in the AAC. Now of course for a number of reasons it would be inappropriate to simply wear those particular sweaters again, but there's no reason why the team can't bring back the glorious primary color that defined them. Furthermore, it's completely unique and would be instantly identifiable as the Stars whether in person or on TV, much like the Flyers' orange is now, for example. Dark green is nice, and as you'll see I've kept it around, but the Stars have kind of been beaten to the punch by their younger cousins in Minnesota with their new baseball-script 3rds. Drab stuff is out, bold colors are in, and this fits the bill.

Bring back the logo(s)
We have a simple, elegant, timeless logo that already identifies the city and the team perfectly well. The DALLAS wordmark was an interesting idea and has proven to be a bit of a trendsetter, but in the end doesn't really belong on a professional hockey jersey and bores me more and more every time I see it. The state of Texas shoulder patch is also generally well-liked I think and is in danger of being marginalized completely with the recent changes.

So that resulted in this:

The darker, or "Dallas" green still shows up in the sleeve striping, collar detail, hem, and in the logos obviously.

The black ends of the sleeves are meant to evoke the much-loved Star pattern jerseys introduced in '99. They also serve to balance the jersey with the team's black pants.

The white shoulder yoke and bottom stripe recall the simplicity of the late 60s/early 70s Minnesota designs.

The front numbers I could take or leave personally, but are included for continuity with the current set now in use.

This also optimistically assumes that Richards re-signs.

Feedback appreciated as always!
Wow, I looked at all of the ones you posted and this one is my favourite, but they're all awesome.

Great work, hopefully someone from Stars management comes on here and sees these.

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