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08-18-2010, 01:44 AM
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Most knowledgeable poster (prospects): montreal
Best all around poster: H10H
Best international poster: MoenInGlory (who I never thanked for making my band logo, thanks man! And sorry for the wait
Best GDT person: Moen in Glory
Best female poster: Toss up.
Best Non-Habs poster: Washington Capitals/Bobsled
Best rookie poster (2009 or 2010 sign up date: ICrimsonSnake
Most improved poster: Posters improve?
Most sophisticated poster: H10H
Most underrated poster: Coldplay
Most entertaining poster: Does anyone remember LaurentHou?
Most optimistic poster: Coldplay (AINEC, why do people vote me? haha)
Most pessimistic poster: OneSharpMarble
Most bipolar poster: tHmm...
Poster who uses sarcasm the best: icerocket
Poster who has the best avatar: Jee has good ones
Poster who has the worst avatar: Any Metal oriented avatars
Poster that you wish would post more often: Coldplay. Especially during the pessimistic summer months.
Poster who provides the best/fastest video high lights: Fel 96
Favorite thread: Price vs. Halak: The SAGA
Favorite post: Viau or some guy in a GDT: PRICE CAN'T HOLD HIS OWN PEEPEE
Favorite picture/gif: The Haterz one
Favorite video: Look at the Username.

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