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08-18-2010, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
And yeah, they used to have it at one point, if not in the NHL series, then the 2k series had it. The problem with the EA games is that there is little to no explanation on much of the finer details in the game. For example, in NHL 10, you'd be hard pressed to find something telling you how hitting a star player with a big hit can intimidate him and lower his stats, but it's in there!

And the old chemistry system I remember was pretty broken, IIRC.
And I agree that they completely nerfed the spinorama, holy balls is it slow. Or maybe P.K is the only one in the game who does it right

And I LOVE that short hop move you can do RB + left on RS (i believe). I don't think you could do it in NHL 10, but it was there in NHL 09 or NHL 08, can't remember.
It was based on if you match players the line gets a bonus and everyone goes up X # of attributes. It worked but was cheesy and still kinda is but wtv.

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