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Originally Posted by oilswell
What's the reasoning behind that? I don't see this as a problem at all, at least, not at this point.

Teams like St. Louis have one of Pronger or MacInnis on for all but a few minutes of ice time. Now Colorado can play a top forward line for 70% of all ice time every game without burning out either top unit or wearing them down over the season. These guys are used to playing 22+ minutes a night...sometimes 27 minutes. They can cruise through the season at 19-22 minutes a piece and still be rested for the playoffs.

There's plenty of ice time for the forwards. Well, maybe not 1st unit PP, but then just rotate if its a locker room issue. And if Granato is even half good the top units will get lots. It won't matter one whit who's on the 4th line...because they will hardly see the ice. Strike that, if all goes well for them, they'll see plenty of 3rd period ice when closing out the game with a 3 goal lead.
That's all well and good when the "first line" produces. It's not as simple as that, though. Slumps and line juggling WILL lead to unforseen problems; some players might be unhappy, some will want more ice time, some will struggle with new teammates, etc. And as you mentioned, locker room problems could arise as well. In principle, it's all well and good. But try telling the NYR that. A team can't have too many star players in hockey simply because it is a substitution game. This isn't soccer where you can load up because every star can be on the pitch for the majority of the game. Star players thrive on ice time and being played in key situations. Their play CAN suffer if they don't play enough, or if they feel as though they are being underused.

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