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08-18-2010, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
really? without knowing who was ranked where, I can tell you the preds are better than:

the oilers-do I need to go there?
columbus-they have done zip to get better
the wild-same boat as columbus
the coyotes-they added whitney, but lost their top center
anaheim-sheldon brookbank is a top 4 d-man.
flames-they added mr. lockerroom cancer for some reason. they stink
st. louis-they added halak, who had a 3 week run of games and is inconsistant as heck
avalanche-we were better than them and they did not improve
stars-nothing done to improve
kings-would you bank on quick again? or smyth playing younger than he is? or can poni replace frolov?

i would put us 6th right now, fighting with chicago and detroit and clearly behind vancouver and san jose. but i don't think san jose is much better, esp with nitty maki in net.

i think you underestimate the preds and their depth. the moves the preds made this summer addressed the pp- (lombardi, maybe sk) the pk (parent, lombardi, sk)

the only question is whether we can pull 10 wins in 20 starts from a backup goalie, and whether klein can handle leading the 2nd pair
I agree with most of your points but I will say if our backup plays 20 games we are screwed because that will mean Pekka was either hurt or playing poorly.

If Pekka is playing welll I expect him to play an almost Brodeur like schedule. If one of the untested rookies is his backup I would imagine Trotz would try to play Pekka at least 70 games if not more.

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