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10-02-2003, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by spaz44
But I think we already have a powerplay QB in Bergeron. The battle is close but I give Stoll the slight edge over Sarno at this point. Though Sarno sure didn't hurt himself tonight but over the whole training camp I think Stoll has played better overall.

The one think that may weigh in Sarno's favour is the Oil may want to give Stoll more ice time than he can get here.

Stoll reminds me of MacT and considering he is our coach I am giving him the advantage.

Really this is a close battle and you have a legitimate point but I think Sarno has to work on a few things that Stoll already has mastered.
OH you are absolutely right, but the reverse is true also... Sarno has the offensive prowess that Stoll jsut doesn't yet. I love Stoll and see him as a captain here eventually, but given what he can still glean from the AHL (leadership roll, more minutes, PP time) that he simply won't get up here. I see him finishing the season here, no doubt, but to start, especially since we are missing a 25+ goal scorer in Comrie, I think that Sarno is the best fit.
Now depending on what happens with Comrie, a few options present themselves. But for now, with our current lineup, I see goalscoring as a potential problem for us and Sarno is simply better at that right now then Stoll is.

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