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08-18-2010, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
Sabremetrics being applied to hockey? Shoot me now. Stat geeks love this crap, but to me, it comes down to whether you can weather the challenges you're faced with, and this team did not.

So to me, this VORP/GVT comp comes off as nothing more than an excuse. Plenty of other teams had injuries, yet were able to perform strongly in the regular season, so why not the B's? I'll tell you why. The Bruins displayed a total lack of heart and played with zero passion last year, regardless of injuries. That's why they weren't very good. No need to look any further. They were a poorly constructed team with glaring flaws. Injuries may have exposed those holes more, but they were still there even if the hurt players had been healthy.
I agree with your comments on heart. There was none last year- but I think it was injuries too.

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