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Originally Posted by ThomasJ13 View Post
Offensively challenged as constructed? Without a doubt. Most saw that coming into the season. As bad as what they showed offensively in 09-10? Questionable, IMO. I'm just not willing to attribute all of the offensive drop-off to team construction, talent, Julien, heart and desire, while summarily dismissing injuries entirely as some whiny excuse.

The one way that I could be persuaded into the 'injury discussions are for babies" camp is if there was some kind of objective analysis that compared each team's injury fates, and showed that the 09-10 Bruins were not significantly off the league median. I'm not sure such an analysis exists (man-games lost is a joke, and you have pointed out some flaws in this system), so I am again left wondering why non-Bruin hockey fans seem to give more weight to the Bruins' 09-10 injuries than many Bruin fans...
That was discussed pretty heavily here during last year, and I'm sure you can dig up those threads if you're motivated enough to search for them. To give you one example from those discussions, teams like Vancouver were hit much harder by the injury bug to key players, yet they managed to "suck it up" and still play competitive hockey over those spans. Why were they good at it, yet the B's weren't? To me it comes down to heart.

If you want to do it manually, go look at the man games lost for the league and you can see the B's didn't even rank all that high. Take it a step further and you can look at each team and who was hurt to draw your own conclusions. Here's a link to the top 10, and you can see playoff teams like DET, VAN, MTL, & COL all had more man games lost (most to key players) than the B's.

I agree that man games lost isn't that great, but if you can tie it to the team and see what players they lost, it gives it some context. Montreal losing Markov was a big example of that. He's their best defender, and he missed serious time.

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