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Originally Posted by Mario_is_BACK!! View Post
Loving all the feed back guys. It's huge and I greatly appreciate it. I'm still a young buck (26) and have NO clue yet as to what my financial intake will be if I should get this job (if/when I do or don't get it I'll break the mystery for those who cares) so right now I'm thinking apartments or town houses for rent. Where is the best area to look for that sort of thing? If it's sort of close to Amherst it would make any potential commute all the easier.

Once again guys, this is huge and thank you so much for it. If I get this job it's a huge move for me (struggling artist syndrome, still living off the table scraps of others and living with the parents sadly) and I can use all the help, information, and tips I can get. You guys are beyond awesome and if I get the job I'll gladly meet up with any one of you at some point and buy you a brew of which ever choice.

And I know it's not far away as I was there when I was young, but it was almost two decades ago... how close are the Falls to Buffalo? Aren't they adjacent?

With normal bridge traffic over the two sets of Grand Island bridges, it's 20 minutes to the Falls.

Amherst has plenty of places to rent and buy, has pretty low crime rates per a few safety studies, and is close to a number of suburban amenities (nothing unusual, just one's typical malls/shopping, etc....).

I haven't rented local in a decade, so I don't have much direction there. Perhaps someone else could point you in the right direction...

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